…in Chiang Mai…

In the last few days I did a 3day trekking tour in the mountains near Chiang Mai. We started off with 12 people and finished with 5…no, they did not get lost or eaten by cannibals, some did only a 2days-trip:) it was a nice bunch of people from ireland, holland, france aaaaand Germany. But the guys were in minority, there was only two of us.

 some nice waterfalls on the walk

 and banana trees with real bananas but they were still green and not ripe yet.

There were lychee-plantations, too and they were ready to eat hhhm.

Each day we walked a few hours and spent the nights in a hilltribe village, up in the mountain in the middle of nowhere.

this was in the village


The last day was packed with whitewater-rafting

bamboo-rafting and elephant riding

this was our group.

Today I hired a dirtbike and went in the nationalparks near Chiang Mai, it was good fun!

No the nightbus to the islands in the south is waiting for me