6 days in the fabulous Blue Mountains National Park


For all my Aussi friends, travelmates or guys who dont understand German, this diary entry will be written in English!!!All the others can (hopefully)translate it in German :)

Just the day before my 20th birthday we went to the Blue Mountains, which is two hours west of Sydney. The town is called Katoomba and we all spend the first night in the Hostel there. On the second day, which was my birthday (!!!!) Thilo and I started our camping trip, the girls decided to stay at the hostel and make shorter walks from there.

Provided with a map from the boss of the hostel and plenty of water and food supplies for a couple of days we started our walk. It began to rain soon after our departure but we didnt give up and kept on walkin. Our plan was to walk to “Mount Solitary” past “ruine castle” and the hostelboss said we could make the trip in 2 days alltogether…….which turned out to be wrong….but the walk was really great. after a couple of hours walking it still rained slightly.Heres the view from a lookout that was on our way.

We decided to camp in a sort of a cave that sheltered from the rain. So we made a little bonfire and heated up our food (baked beans cans, mmmmh) in the fire.

The weather much better the next morning, it was very sunny and we continued our walk. The next stop was at “Ruine Castle”, a rock formation. We climbed up these rocks and a very nice view was revealed from up there, it was awesome to look over the whole valley and taking pictures.

Thats  Mount Solitary, from Ruine Castle. We camped at the peak  on the highest point. On the picture it doesn t  seem high, but believe me, it was uch a  hard walk  to get on top.

 That is Ruine Castle:

Then we went on and finally reached the bottom of that Mount Solitary. Getting there was one thing. Getting up there a totally other thing. It was more rock-climbing than walkin and we didnt imagine that the walk would be so hard.

But we made it up to the top and arrived there in the evening. After Dinner we watched the sunset…awesome!

…and later we sat around the fire untill the mosquitos chased us in the tent.

The next morning: After breakfast a bad feeling occured because we knew that we have to go all the long way back again…

…but we were faster than we thought and got to the drinking water well very early so we could refresh ourselves with cold water. The 13 lt we took were just enough till here.

Thats the view on Mount Solitary from Katoomba again:

Wohoo!!Back again:

All in all that trip was so much fun and really worth the effort. Unfortunately we didnt see a single snake on our way but nevermind, we had a great time in the Blue Mountains.

When we finally got back to civilisation again the first thing we did was a very big Barbecue. We slept the following night on a campsite and got back to the hostel by the next morning. After one night in the hostel in Katoomba we returned to Sydney the following day.

This birthday was special, not only because of its in Australia but also because of we were in the Blue Mountains. We didnt have a huge birthday party but we definitely will do that here in Sydney.

Ok, i will update a few new pictures in the “Sydney – entry now” so just have a look in there to get the latest pics- cheers!!!