…don’t know when I’ll be back again…


After touchdown in Bangkok I spent the rest of the night at the airport after a Thaigirl that I met in New Zealand picked me up from the airport. I was still a bit hungover since alcohol is free on the long-haul flights…its always the same when I’m flying.

My first impression was hot. Here in Bangkok it is very hot and humid not mentioning the smog. But I like it here and its very cheap compared to Australia.I love the Thaifood, you can buy it everywhere on the street.

I got a new Camera in Pantip Plaza, electronic shops 5 floors high. Here you can get everything, fakes and original.

When I bought the camera I had to test it of course to make sure it works. Here are the nice shop assistants that sold me the camera

Prices for electronics are really good compared to Germany. I should have bought a good camera earlier…but now I finally got one.

Today I went with Aoh(the girl that picked me up from the airpor) to a temple in Bangkok. I had to hire a shirt and long trousers to enter the temple

After the temple we went for a boatcruise on the river in Bangkok

This was a small floating market but we did not stop

My tailormade suit…it is not finished yet but almost…very cheap and the quality is good.

In the evening we went to Biyok Tower and had dinner on the 43rd floor. Thats how the view from up there was like:

It was a big day today but its not over yet. I wanna go out tonight and test the nightlive here in Bangkok. Tomorrow I leave the city and will travel north to a nationalpark.

Ich habe mir eine Simkarte gekauft, sodass man mich in Thailand anrufen kann.

Vom deutschen Festnetz kann man mich fuer 2 ct pro minute ueber folgende Nummer erreichen: