from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand…

On my last day in Bangkok I visited the weekend-market or Jay-jay market. It was huge and you could buy everything you can imagine, even pets…

Traffic is chaotic in Bangkok. No one respects any traffic rules and according to this fact is the traffic situation in the capital.

Then I got away from all the hazzle and smog in Bangkok. I decided to escape the city and started my trip through Thailand. Chiang Mai was my first destination, 10 hours on the nightbus from Bangkok. Its in the northern part of thailand and although its a quite big city it is surrounded by forest and national parks.

At first I had a quick sightseeing trip through the town. I hired a tuk-tuk driver and he drove me around the whole day for as little as 1 Euro. We stopped at some temples

Mon, the tuktuk driver let me drive a bit in his tuktuk…it is beside the taxi the most common public transport in thailand an can accomodate up to 10 people.

Chiang Mai is really nice. It is not as busy as Bangkok and the smog pollution is much less than in the capital. food is cheaper here as well, you can get a main ricedish for about 30 baht which is 60ct….unbelievible in Germany.

Anyway, today I did lot touristic attractions that were outside Chiangmai in the mountain. The tuktuk just made it up the steep hill but only since we changed to a stronger tuktuk that could handle the steep street:)

At first we started off with the monkeyshow…what a big monkey lol

Did you know that monkeys can drive a bike? I didn’t until today…

And they can do push-ups as well….

Look at this one

That was the monkey show, very entertaining and funny.

The snake show was next. And thats not just a snake show. There were cobras like the dangerous king-cobra…if you think they are plastic, they are not!!!

What a suicidal man…

He played a while with the cobras and then he showed them around and everyone could touch them. After that he extracted the poison from the 2 poison-fangs (poisonteeth)….and he recommended not to drink it…no beer he said lol

Then he caught the snakes and hold one of them in his mouth

The snakeshow was pretty impressive and afterwards we could walk around and have a look at all the snakes in the cages…there were hundreds of them and sometimes the cage wasnt even closed.Here are the cobras just in a concrete cage with no roof…very safe

The day was not finished yet. It continued with less dangerous animals, elephants!!

The elephant show started at the river where all the elephants had a shower


 Then they proved that elephants can play soccer

In the dart game one elephant played against a spectator from the audience and the elephant was much better than the other guy as you can see. Eventually the elephant helped the man by shooting his baloons.

 elephants can paint, too

not bad for an elephant. to be honest, I couldnt do it any better:)

bye bye…that was the end of the show and at the same time it started to rain very heavily. It reminded me of the wet season here in Thailand…not the best time to travel but it was the first time since I am here that it rained so heavily. At least the air cools down a little bit afterwards.

I will stay here in Chiang Mai for another couple of days. Tomorrow I will go on a 3day trekking tour in the National Park near Chiang Mai.and then?? I dont know yet, too early for any plans:) but I am heading down south to the islands soon