Ashdale Secondary College

Ashdale Secondary CollegeAshdale Secondary College is a distinctive, world class, educational community of excellence where all students are motivated to strive to achieve their best and to realise their potential in a values-rich environment. The focus of the College is on student engagement and wellbeing so that they feel valued at all times. The College measures its effectiveness through the achievement and character of our students and the integral part it plays in the community. A partnership founded on strong relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community is the enduring platform upon which the College is built.

Students at Ashdale are equipped with, and confident in the use of, new blends of skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their individual potential throughout their lives. They are also developing the capabilities necessary for healthy living and lifelong learning. They are building social and emotional resilience, supported by clear, ethical and effective pastoral care. This ensures students are given the opportunities to develop the confidence they need to play an active part in the life of their school, family, community and nation while being successfully prepared for future transitions from home to school to work or further study.

All students have access to innovative and flexible pathways and options for learning in a variety of environments including school, TAFE, universities and the workplace. Successful learning is achieved through the delivery of quality educational programs reflecting the phases of development and catering for individual differences. Effective curriculum planning and a distributive leadership model provides the basis for quality instruction guided by the Australian Curriculum. Strong instructional leadership with a focus on school wide pedagogy, whole-of-school Literacy and Numeracy and knowledge of best practice leads to the achievement of exciting and dynamic curriculum delivery. A high priority is placed on maximising student engagement and celebrating their successes and achievements.

At Ashdale Secondary College there is a clear focus on high standards of student achievement. Systematic assessment and reporting procedures are carried out at the highest level, confirming performance and guiding the setting of future targets for the school. National and state-wide testing is utilised and evidence based approaches to improvement are used to effectively plan and promote good collaborative decision making.

Our purpose is to ensure that all students at Ashdale Secondary College leave school well prepared for their future and have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in civic and economic life.